By Alayna Sarver (age 15)

Mental health—for you and your family—is a prevalent factor in your overall well-being. Although your physical health is more noticeably assessed, mental health is equally as important! Your mental health is simply how your brain is working and whether or not it is functioning in a healthy way. In order to maintain your overall health, you need to take care of both your body and mind. We can achieve this by exercising both. 

Fun ways to exercise your mind:

  • Write about your feelings or your day. 
  • Complete a puzzle by yourself or with others. 
  • Express your feelings verbally or through art, music or dance.  
  • Exercise and/or do something active, which can benefit you both mentally and physically.
  • Get outside! Outdoor exercise is linked to improved mood. 

Youth mental health specifically is important, especially in the long run. Learning to problem-solve, manage emotions, and develop coping mechanisms benefit mental health now and later in adulthood. Beginning with exercises such as deep breaths and talking with others about your emotions can lead to these skills being developed. All this and more are crucial factors in the mental health of young people to allow us to grow into healthy human beings. 

Alayna Carver (age 15), a volunteer on the #kc4k Team Advisory Board, loves skating and art.