The Avalon Foundation has been passionately working towards its mission of promoting and teaching youth leadership while offering steadfast support to children undergoing life-altering treatments for rare diseases. Here are some of the recent activities and accomplishments of the foundation:

A fundraising and awareness initiative that recently took place, the event successfully raised over $25,000. The event witnessed an active collaboration with Moussa & Kara Salloukh, Pete Wagner, Steve Reamey, and the entire SOUK staff, emphasizing community support and engagement.

Patient Care and #PainBox Program
The foundation has furthered its distinctive #PainBox program, sending customized care packages filled with toys and uplifting messages to patients. This initiative, conceptualized “By Kids, for Kids,” aims to infuse strength, joy, and wellness into young patients, helping them brave their treatments. Recently, the team, along with young volunteers like Fitz Hart (age 7), Grace Jeffer, and others, crafted and dispatched a special #PainBox for an #HPP Warrior.

Youth Leadership Initiatives
A significant event took place on February 17th, recognizing and honoring the contributions of young leaders like Kelsey Gruber, Avalon Ayres, and Katy Gruber. Their dedication and efforts have been instrumental in expanding the reach and impact of the foundation’s programs.
The foundation’s Kids Caring for Kids (#KC4K) Advisory Board has been the epicenter of youth-driven activities. Comprising children aged 10-17, this board works on fostering leadership qualities, compassion, and a sense of societal contribution among its members.


Awareness Campaigns
The foundation has not limited its endeavors to patient care and leadership programs. They have actively participated in efforts to raise awareness about the challenges and needs of the rare disease community. This included designing and organizing campaigns like billboards, TV appearances, and school programs.
Community Engagement and Collaboration
A vibrant aspect of the foundation’s efforts is the community’s involvement. Apart from organized events, several team members and volunteers have come together for tasks such as prepping & wrapping packages for patients, showcasing the community’s collective spirit.
KC4K Brunch & Awareness Events
The Avalon Foundation hosted its annual #KC4K Youth Leadership Brunch at Sylvania Country Club. This event was marked by an auction, raffle, and insights from the keynote speaker, Dr. Patrice McClellan, president and lead strategist of The Ronald Group.
In summation, the Avalon Foundation has been actively expanding its initiatives, strengthening its existing programs, and building a community of supporters and volunteers who believe in its mission.