Welcome to The Avalon Foundation

Kids Caring for Kids

Our organization is about KIDS caring for other KIDS who are going through painful medical treatments for a rare bone disorder called HPP (Hypophosphatasia) in order to gain normal abilities like walking, running and jumping.

Our kc4k Advisory Board (kc4k=kids caring for kids) is a group of kiddos whose mission is to reach out to these children who are in need of support and positive reinforcement as they undergo treatment. They just want to make life better for them!

These kiddos have helped design a program of support called the PainBox Program that enhances the emotional well being of families during these challenging times through positive reinforcement and friendship.

The Avalon Foundation has many different ways for both adults and kids to get involved: serving on a board, fundraising, volunteering for events, committees, as well as being on patient teams.

The original act of kindness intended in creating this Foundation has blossomed into so much more! Children of all ages are coming together in the spirit of philanthropy! They are receiving mentorship from our amazing TAF Board of Directors, developing leadership skills learning how to serve on an advisory board, as well as cultivating their own compassion and engaging others to do the same!

Watch out world!

These kiddos know how to dream BIG; and they plan to continue their mission with other rare diseases as well!

Explore our website to learn more… and then JOIN US!


Our Formal Mission Statement

The Avalon Foundation provides emotional and educational support to families receiving care for Hypophosphatatia (HPP). Providing support and direction, we work to minimize stress and trauma, attempting to reduce challenges during this painful process.  Supporting families during life changing and critical transitions, we help shape a healthier more positive experience.