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What is the #Painbox Program?

Our #Painboxes are customized care packages offering an incentive program and encouragement specifically By Kids, for Kids. Through peer care and compassion, our patients develop resilience, strength, courage, trust, and family unity during critical treatment that can restore joy and wellness. We also focus not only on the patient, but on the patient’s entire family. Through our Patient Support Program, we help the patient by also helping the family. 

Our kid patients tell us that the encouragement and support coming from other kids who understand what they’re going through is what gives them the determination and strength to get through their treatments.

Inside the #Painbox

How It Works

The #Painbox Program is Avalon’s original vision – a customized care package, tailored to each patient and their family.

Successful treatment requires much more than just completion of the injections – it requires the cooperation of the child, her family, and her medical team.

Avalon’s experience led us to believe there must be a way to ease a child’s transition into the treatment regimen, as well as provide emotional and psychological support to children and their families.

The child needs to be supported, motivated, and encouraged to brave the frequent shots and resultant side effects. The parents need to be educated on how to best comfort their child during this painful process and properly administer the injections. And the child’s siblings still need to receive attention at a time when their parents are stretched very thin.

Our #Painbox Program

Why it Works

Many children develop needle-phobia beginning with routine vaccination in early childhood, and this anxiety often grows with repeated injections if their pain is not properly managed.  A 2014 study looked at the most effective methods of minimizing perceived pain in children during these types of injections.

They found that rewarding children with toys and fun activities after the injections relieved pain in 65% of children surveyed.

Avalon’s results with the incentive system of the #PainBox are paralleled by significant research regarding the importance of positive reinforcement and pain management in children. 

In addition to the #Painbox program, our Patient & Family Support staff coaches parents on how to use the PainBox system in combination with positive messaging, creating routines, as well as the importance of family bonding to provide a wholistic approach for success.

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About Us

Founded in 2017, The Avalon Foundation is committed to youth centered leadership development through service to families affected by rare diseases. Through our #Painbox program we provide emotional support to pediatric patients and their families during life-changing transitions.

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