Date: October 8, 2023 Time: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM Location: SOUK Kitchen & Bar, 139 South Huron Street, Toledo, Ohio 43604

About the Event:

Embark on a unique journey where the art of gourmet cuisine meets the soul of fine bourbons, all set in the heart of Toledo’s bustling downtown. Welcome to a RARE EVENING at SOUK, where every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure an unforgettable experience.

LIMITED SEATING: Due to the exclusive nature of this event and our dedication to offering an intimate and personalized experience, seats are limited. This ensures each guest enjoys the evening to the fullest.

Chef and Bourbons:

  • Cuisine: Dive into the world of Chef Moussa Salloukh’s creations, where each plate tells a story. Experience four delectable courses, each a testament to Moussa’s culinary prowess.
  • Bourbons: Pete Wagner, the esteemed Ambassador to Brown-Forman, will introduce a selection of choice bourbons that promise to delight even the most discerning palate. Each bourbon has been hand-selected to pair beautifully with Chef Moussa’s dishes.

Beyond the Meal:

As the dinner courses come to a close, the evening continues its enchantment. Retreat to SOUK’s patio where the final bourbon pairing awaits. Accompanied by top-tier cigars, courtesy of Nooney Cigars of Toledo, this segment of the evening promises relaxation and camaraderie.

Live RARE Auction: The crescendo of the night is our live auction featuring none other than unicorn bourbons—those rare and sought-after spirits that are a dream for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Essential Details:

  • Arrival: Doors will open at 5 PM, setting the stage for an evening of splendor. As the clock strikes 5:45 PM, the first course will be served, marking the beginning of our culinary voyage.
  • Dress Code: We recommend smart-casual or cocktail attire to complement the elegance of the evening.

Tickets & Reservations:

Given the limited seating, we urge interested guests to secure their spot at the earliest. For ticket purchase and reservations, please contact [Contact Details].

Join us for a night where every sip, bite, and moment is curated to perfection. Experience downtown Toledo like never before, all while supporting the noble cause of The Avalon Foundation. Together, let’s make this RARE EVENING truly legendary.