After hearing Avalon’s story, Hanson Inc. team reached out and offered to donate a full project to help us tell our story. The experience was amazing! Hanson met with a team of 3 kc4k leaders spearheading the project. Amelia Kanjuparamben, Vice President, had the dream of getting TAF on the Ellen Show! The kids brainstormed, wrote scripts, video taped, and approved editing with Hanson until the story was complete.

Our VERY special thanks to the AMAZING Hanson Inc team of Sally Stearns, Krysta Irmen, John Rerucha, and Paul Molnar for donating this video project along with the time and great talent of Amber Cordero and Erin Chandler (hair design), Carl William Graf (makeup), Jennifer Gruber, the Carothers Family, and Wescott SoundStage.

This video would not be possible without the leadership and vision of Amelia Kanjuparaben, Kaden Heldt, Avalon Budd, and the rest of the kc4k Advisory Board: Grace Jeffer, Kelsey Gruber, Katy Gruber, Izzy Zatko, Colin Van Rooyen, and Kiha Woods. #