As a parent, what would you do? You discover your child has are rare disorder called HPP (Hypophosphatasia). In order to gain normal abilities like walking, running and jumping, your child must submit to daily injections that are painful. So painful that each time they are injected, it immediately begins to burn under the skin and they cry out begging you to stop. Your heart breaks for the pain you must put your child through. But you know that if you don’t continue the injections daily, your child will never walk. What do you do? That is the story of many young children across our country, including Toledo, Ohio; the hometown of Dynamic Dies. One young girl from Toledo, Avalon, was enduring those painful injections and wanted to stop. As a way to encourage her to keep going, her grandmother bought and wrapped special surprise gifts that Avalon would want. Each time Avalon completed an injection, she was rewarded with a surprise. It was enough to keep her going and today, Avalon can walk, run and even play volleyball. But the story doesn’t stop there!! She wanted to help children with this same disorder. At just 10 years of age, she asked her mother if they could create a charity to give gifts to other children enduring this painful treatment. With that, The Avalon Foundation was born!!

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