Some of The Avalon Foundation’s Board members met with the Executive Masters of Organization Development students at BGSU this past weekend for a meet & greet and initial discovery. Five students plus a field mentor spent Saturday afternoon exploring the story of TAF along with its inner workings and operations. These students will spend the next 3 months as a group creating a strategic plan to help guarentee thie organization’s success moving forward.

When asked why The Avalon Foundation was chosen, students shared “they have great problems” and “a wonderful story” that is worth the investment of our time and expertise.

Each student was able to assist in selecting 3 organizations out of 10 that were being considered. They were also able to align themselves with the nonprofit that they personally wanted as their capstone. Reasons varied from personal experiences to wanting to be professionally challenged. These professionals will graduate mid-May upon completing this project.

The BGSU team includes Erin Garland, Erin Lizak, Kerry Wolff, Lisa Comley, Violeta Talevich, alumni mentor Lee Burroughs, under the direction of Professor Dr. Deborah O’Neil.