Tips for Squeezing in Self Care

Take care of your mental and physical health without leaving home or spending a small fortune! Taking time for yourself is generally a low priority in our American culture. We are taught to work harder, faster, and longer in order to excel and attain the coveted...

#PainBoxWarrior Cora

By Lilliana Stiverson (age 13) Cora Ingariola, who is 5 years old and has HPP, is a strong little girl who keeps pushing through. Cora was diagnosed with HPP when her mom, Molly, noticed that Cora’s teeth were loose already at the age of 2. Molly decided to have...

Youth Mental Health

By Alayna Sarver (age 15) Mental health—for you and your family—is a prevalent factor in your overall well-being. Although your physical health is more noticeably assessed, mental health is equally as important! Your mental health is simply how your brain is working...

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