2-Baker’s single barrel + Pour & Garnish Case



Baker’s single barrel, aged 7 years, 107 proof

Baker’s Bourbon utilizes a special strain of jug yeast that has been in his family for over 60 years. This time tested yeast provides Baker’s with a silky smooth texture and consistent taste from batch to batch. Color: Warm amber, tawny, nut brown. Aroma: Fruit, vanilla, caramel. Taste: Toasted nuts, fruit, vanilla, silky texture. Finish: Sweet, smooth, medium-long.

Aged 7 Years

Pour & Garnish Whiskey Case

Introducing the POUR & GARNISH Bourbon, Wine, and Whiskey Tote. This sophisticated and stylish spirit tote is perfect for any bourbon or wine connoisseur. Constructed of a 100% vegan leather exterior, a soft protective felt interior, and heavy duty hardware to safely and securely transport your most refined bottles to any number of events such as weddings, bachelor/bachelorette party, tailgating, bbq, or to simply bring your favorite bourbon or wine to a friend’s house for a fun night in. The included thermally insulated double-wall grit-finished stainless steel cocktail/wine glasses are the perfect vessel to consume your favorite spirit with a modern twist. The trendy and refined appearance of the POUR & GARNISH tote is perfect for any graduate, wedding, birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, or any occasion that commands a chic, classy, upscale gift.