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The Vice Chair of the Board partners with the Board Chair to support executive leadership and oversees recruitment, orientation, retention and on-going development of the board of directors membership. This also includes ensuring the organization accomplishes tasks to meet its overall goals.  

Roles and Responsibilities 

The Vice Chair of the Board is a passionate leader who desires to make an impact on the community and is passionate about our mission. He/she partners with Board Chair and executive leadership and provides counsel to improve performance by monitoring progress and program standards. 

The Vice Chair of the Board will: 

  • Serve as Board Chair, if the Chair is not able to perform his/her duties. 
  • Support the cooperation of team members, especially committee members and committee chairs. 
  • Support Chair with strategy to focus outwardly in the community to effectively mobilize resources around our mission. 
  • Partner with the Board Chair to ensure that the Board of Directors is representative of the cultural profile and diversity of the community the region/chapter services. 
  • Attend and support the Board Chair at all meetings necessary.  
  • Give recognition to team members throughout their terms in office. 


    This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about promoting The Avalon Foundation’s mission. The Vice Chair must meet the following qualifications:  

    • Commitment to TAF and its values, meeting the standards of conduct set forth in the Ethics and Conduct agreement. 
    • Have an understanding of the organization’s objectives, organization, services, and the responsibilities and relationships of working with donors, volunteers and partners. 
    • Interest, knowledge, and influence in the community with personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion to support the community. 
    • Assurance that he/she has the time and interest to be engaged and active 
    • Commits to communication in all forms in a timely manner 
    • Willingness to leverage personal and professional social capital to promote the TAF mission. 
    • Positive, energetic presence and creative, flexible perspective 
    • Time availability/flexibility and heart commitment 
    • Necessary skills to form successful collaborations with stakeholders and organizational partners 
    • Strong skills needed for team building and engagement, developing relationships, organization 
    • Computer efficiency including MS Word, Excel and Power Point 
    • Enjoy working on multiple projects in a fast-paced, supportive work environment 
    • Takes initiative and is resourceful 
    • Ability to work well autonomously as well as part of a dynamic team 


    • Successful experience in leadership of a nonprofit 
    • An understanding and willingness of serving on a “working board”

    Length of Appointment: Minimum three years 

    To learn more about us: 

    One of the best parts of being a stay-at-home-mom and being involved with TAF is the flexibility. Almost all of my time spent on TAF responsibilities was when I didn’t have mom-responsibilities. And, Deb is incredibly understanding! She told me from the beginning to be honest about my commitment level and workload. Sometimes, I didn’t meet deadlines… but I always kept her in the loop and we could then work something else out. I was able to make the HR Director role exactly what I wanted it to be, with direction and guidance from Deb. 

    Ashley Sanchez

    HR Director, 2020-2023