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Board Secretary 

As our Foundation grows and evolves, existing Board members are shifting responsibilities.  Due to this shift, our current Board Secretary will be renewing a new term as HR Director. 

The Board Secretary contributes to The Avalon Foundation’s mission of empowering kid-driven leadership by providing structure and organization to Board of Directors (BOD) Meetings. 


Key Responsibilities: 

  • In collaboration with the Executive Director and/or Team: 
  • Determine the recurring schedule for BOD meetings  
  • Create a BOD meeting agenda and oversee the distribution of background information for agenda items to be discussed. 
  • Distribute timely meeting invitations to all active and new Board members. 
  • Distribute, in advance of the scheduled BOD meeting, the prepared agenda to all Board members. 
  • Prepare the official minutes of the BOD meeting and records attendance, motions, discussions, votes, and decisions. 
  • Prepare and provide the previous BOD meeting’s written minutes (after approval) to Board members before the next meeting and record any changes or corrections. 
  • Assures that documents (bylaws, roster of board members) are updated regularly and accessible to Board members. 
  • Maintain aforementioned documents in an organized fashion. 
  • Extend organizational assistance when needed to other Board Members. 

    Key Requirements: 

    • A commitment to, and a clear understanding of, the mission of the organization. 
    • Strong, concise and detail-oriented written and verbal communication skills. 
    • An adequate level of writing proficiency and access to a computer for word processing purposes (preferably Microsoft Office Suite). 
    • Ability to organize and prioritize tasks. 
    • Ability to multi-task. 
    • Positive, energetic presence and creative, flexible perspective 
    • Time availability/flexibility and heart commitment 
    • verbal and written communication 
    • Computer efficiency including MS Word, Excel and Power Point 
    • Enjoy working on multiple projects in a fast-paced, supportive work environment 
    • Takes initiative and is resourceful 
    • Ability to work well autonomously as well as part of a dynamic team

    Time Commitment: 

    The Board Secretary will have the ability to provide 5-10 hours of time per month to achieve the above listed responsibilities. 

    This is a two year term minimum. 


    About The Avalon Foundation: 

    • The Avalon Foundation is an organization that promotes and teaches youth leadership through offering support to kids receiving life-altering treatment for rare diseases. 
    • Mission: To empower kid-driven leadership that supports kids with rare disease 
    • Vision: To collectively cultivate compassion by caring for kids: 
    • Building Youth Leaders in the Toledo area 
    • Helping Families all over the United States 
    • Provide Support to the Rare Disease Community 

       To learn more about us: 

      One of the best parts of being a stay-at-home-mom and being involved with TAF is the flexibility. Almost all of my time spent on TAF responsibilities was when I didn’t have mom-responsibilities. And, Deb is incredibly understanding! She told me from the beginning to be honest about my commitment level and workload. Sometimes, I didn’t meet deadlines… but I always kept her in the loop and we could then work something else out. I was able to make the HR Director role exactly what I wanted it to be, with direction and guidance from Deb. 

      Ashley Sanchez

      HR Director, 2020-2023