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Programs Coordinator 

The Programs Coordinator contributes to The Avalon Foundation’s mission of empowering kid-driven leadership by providing PROJECT MANAGEMENT & ORGANIZATION to the Foundation for various projects and events. 

Scope of Work 

Manage Volunteers 

November 2, 2022-February 28, 2023 

  • Coordinate participants for Patient Support Program 
  • Coordinate participants for Youth Leadership Program 
  • Coordinate participants for events 


Manage Projects – to be completed by February 28, 2023 

  • PainBox Program for patients 
  • Research vendor accounts needed for programs to streamline spending 
  • Donation procurement 
  • Wholesale purchasing 
  • Manual and document creation/coordination   



Manage Events/Campaigns 

  • TAF Appreciation – December 9, 2022 6-7PM 
  • Rare Disease Day/Month – February 28/ February 2023 
  • Annual #KC4K Brunch – February 11, 2023 


    This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about promoting The Avalon Foundation’s mission. The Vice Chair must meet the following qualifications: 

    • Commitment to TAF and its values, meeting the standards of conduct set forth in the Ethics and Conduct agreement.
    • Have an understanding of the organization’s objectives, organization, services, and the responsibilities and relationships of working with donors, volunteers and partners.
    • Interest, knowledge, and influence in the community with personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion to support the community.
    • Assurance that he/she has the time and interest to be engaged and active
    • Commits to communication in all forms in a timely manner
    • Willingness to leverage personal and professional social capital to promote the TAF mission.
    •  Positive, energetic presence and creative, flexible perspective
    • Time availability/flexibility and heart commitment
    • Necessary skills to form successful collaborations with stakeholders and organizational partners
    • Strong skills needed for team building and engagement, developing relationships, organization 
    • Computer efficiency including MS Word, Excel and Power Point
    • Enjoy working on multiple projects in a fast-paced, supportive work environment
    • Takes initiative and is resourceful
    • Ability to work well autonomously as well as part of a dynamic team


    • Successful experience in leadership of a nonprofit
    • An understanding and willingness of serving on a “working board”

    Length of Appointment: Minimum three years

    To learn more about us: 

    One of the best parts of being a stay-at-home-mom and being involved with TAF is the flexibility. Almost all of my time spent on TAF responsibilities was when I didn’t have mom-responsibilities. And, Deb is incredibly understanding! She told me from the beginning to be honest about my commitment level and workload. Sometimes, I didn’t meet deadlines… but I always kept her in the loop and we could then work something else out. I was able to make the HR Director role exactly what I wanted it to be, with direction and guidance from Deb. 

    Ashley Sanchez

    HR Director, 2020-2023