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The Avalon Foundation
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The Director of Marketing promotes the organization’s mission, events, and programs/services by working closely with several team members including the Executive Team, Program Directors, youth leaders, Development Director, and Events Manager/Chair people. The Youth Advisory Board (#KC4K) is included in all appropriate marketing decisions when possible. The Marketing Director will also chair the Marketing Committee, and work with HR and recruiting to help build their team.  

Currently, this is a working board position. 

Responsibilities – Oversight of 

  • social media 
  • website design 
  • all copy/narrative 
  • communications- platforms & support 
  • all printed material & tools- layout/design/content 
  • communication with pertinent vendors 
  • creating any necessary tool kits 
  • PR and advertising 

      Summary of Work 

      • Regular campaigns: Rare Disease Day (Feb 28), TAF Birthday (4/19/17), HPP Day (Oct 30), Giving Tuesday (November) 
      • Annual Events: February Brunch, June Recruiting, September Bourbon, November Ladies’ Night 
      • private fundraisers, help create educational material for different audiences, merchandise 


            This role is for an individual who is passionate about kids and kindness.

            • Commitment to the The Avalon Foundation and its values, meeting the standards of conduct set forth in the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. 
            • Have an understanding of the organization’s objectives, organization, services, and the responsibilities and relationships of working with donors, volunteers and partners. 
            • Savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals.  
            • An interest, knowledge, and influence in the community with personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion to support the community. 
            • Assurance that he/she has the time and interest to be engaged and active. Willingness to promote The Avalon Foundation’s mission as well as donate and fundraise as needed. 



            • Board Meetings: January, March, May, August, October, December (early)- time & day TBD 
            • Momentum Meetings: February, April, June, September, November 
            • Committee Meetings: as needed 
            • #KC4K Board meetings are held mostly on the 3rd Sunday of every month. While it is not at all necessary to attend these, there may be one or two per year that can be beneficial to attend.  


              Current Marketing Team 

              Matt Ayres, webmaster 

              Deb Ayres, President

              Jen Gruber, Programs Director (Advisor capacity) 

              Jeff Francis, Dynamic Dies Inc. – as needed 


              *MadAve is our Marketing firm 

              To learn more about us: 

              One of the best parts of being a stay-at-home-mom and being involved with TAF is the flexibility. Almost all of my time spent on TAF responsibilities was when I didn’t have mom-responsibilities. And, Deb is incredibly understanding! She told me from the beginning to be honest about my commitment level and workload. Sometimes, I didn’t meet deadlines… but I always kept her in the loop and we could then work something else out. I was able to make the HR Director role exactly what I wanted it to be, with direction and guidance from Deb. 

              Ashley Sanchez

              HR Director, 2020-2023