Our kc4k Board

A fabulous group of kiddos ages 9-16 that volunteer their time to make life better for other kids!

Avalon Budd

Amelia Kanjuparamben

Grace Jeffer

Colin Van Rooyen

Izzy Zatko

Katy Gruber

Kelsey Gruber

Kiha Woods

Colin Gruber, Keeper of the Bears

Kaden Heldt

Our TAF Board of Directors

A generous group of professional individuals that offer their time, talents, and hearts to creating a strong platform for our kiddos to accomplish their vision and goals of helping others.


Our Ambassadors

A motivated and creative team of kiddos that devote their time and effort to fundraising efforts in their individual communities to benefit The Avalon Foundation!

Veronica & Nathan Skiver

Our Volunteer Team

This is our big-hearted group that is on call to fill in and help with whatever needs to be done. Whether they are serving on committees, staffing events, packing boxes, or making calls; our volunteers provide the magic that makes our mission possible!

Gina Rymers, PainBox Coordinator

Corbin Heldt

Cinda Santoro

Karen Hoblet

Gemma Santoro

Mindi Marshall